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Our excursion to the VIC
On 25th January the 4AK and the 2AUL went on an excursion to the Vienna International Centre where one, of the United Nations Organization Headquarters is located.
Everybody received a visitor’s pass and then the guided tour was ready to start. First of all we were divided in two groups, each was lead by an English speaking staff member. We were informed about the history of the UN as well as the different organisations behind the UN and which of them are located in Vienna.
Then it was our turn to inform ourselves about the sustainable development goals of the UN which we presented in small groups to each other. At the end we watched a small movie about the future goals of the UN as wells as the threats they are facing at the moment.
Before we left the VIC we were able to visit the big conference room in Vienna and heard about the different meetings held there. It was an entertaining and informing excursion that everybody enjoyed.