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Let´s travel!
IWK- und Sprachreise nach Galway, Irland

On a cold day in February, the students of 4AK met with their teachers Prof. Hetfleisch and Prof. Wagner at the airport. The plan was easy: travel to Ireland, get to know the people and culture, improve one´s language skills and – most importantly – have lots of fun. So that´s what we did. You will find some impressions from our trip below.

The Trip to Galway
“On Sunday we met at the airport at 9 o´clock. We did the check-in and security check together. After boarding, it took a few minutes until the plane took off. The view over Austria and above the clouds was breathtaking. After some minutes in the sky, many passengers fell asleep, even though the flight only took three hours. Unlike the flight, the journey on the bus afterwards was more uncomfortable. The first meeting with the host families was quick but as they were very friendly and open-minded everybody was comfortable talking with them.”
(Marcel Klein, 4AK)
The Tour of Galway
“The guided tour started at the John F. Kennedy statue and it turned out that the name “Eyre Square” isn´t the real name of the place – it´s in fact the “John F. Kennedy Square”. Then we went to see the Galway Hooker (Irish “Húicéir na Gaillimhe”), which is the statue of a traditional sailboat. We also saw the courthouse where people used to be hanged when they broke the law. We heard about the Claddagh Ring. It shows two hands holding a heart with a crown and symbolized friendship, love, trust and loyalty. The guided tour was interesting even though the weather wasn´t that nice, but it was cool to find out more about the history of Galway.”
(Julia Nguyen, 4AK)
“After school on Monday we had a sightseeing tour with a really nice girl. We met her at school and soon after that she started the tour. The first thing we learned is the fact that “Eyre Square” is also called “John F. Kennedy Square”. Our tour guide then explained that the abstract sculpture there was actually a ship called “The Hooker”. We also saw a lot of important buildings and a cathedral and were taught about “Claddagh Rings”.
(Jenny Eve Baylosis, 4AK)
The Treasure Hunt
“A treasure hunt took place after English class on Tuesday. First, we formed groups of four people and then we had to look for certain places and shops in Galway. The difficult part was when we had to find a bridge near the university of Galway, because there are numerous bridges around there. In the end my group didn´t manage to win. We were really frustrated but at the end of the day it was still worth it.”
(Akay Onur, 4AK)
“On Tuesday we did a treasure hunt. First, all six groups met at the language school and started there. We had to answer various questions about the history and special facts about Galway. We also had to ask the citizens and learned more about the culture this way. To my mind Irish people are helpful and open-minded. The first group to solve all the questions received a price. We enjoyed this afternoon very much!”
(Johannes Mandl, 4AK)
The Irish Night – Irish Dancing
“On Tuesday we had the so-called “Irish Night” during which we learned moves and steps of typical Irish dancing. We were divided into four groups, which practiced together. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed it. After learning the steps we all danced together. The dancing was interesting and the music was fascinating. The choreographer was a dancer in Ed Sheeran´s video “Galway Girl” and danced to the song at the end.”
(Melissa Hüyük, 4AK)
The Trip to the Cliffs of Moher
“On Wednesday we went to the Cliffs of Moher. The bus ride took around two and a half hours. It was a pretty bumpy ride but still interesting because the bus driver told us many interesting facts about Ireland. The bus driver told us about the “Turlough” which is a type of lake in Ireland. It is also called “disappearing lake” because you can´t see it during summer, only in winter. When we arrived we were immediately impressed by the fascinating view of the cliffs. Luckily it wasn´t foggy at all! We had a very clear view and enjoyed this day very much.”
(Lisa Löchler, 4AK)
“I think that pretty much everyone enjoyed the visit to the Cliffs of Moher, where the view was not only precious but also breathtaking.”
(Raluca Lazaroiu, 4AK)
The Irish Sports Afternoon
“On our last day we had the chance to play Gaelic football for the first time in our lives. An Irish native took us to a pitch with two huge goals. He divided our group into two and taught us the rules. We realized that Gaelic football is a mix of handball, volleyball, soccer and American football. After that we played a game which was great fun. Our team won.”
(Daniel Lutzky, 4AK)
The Language School
“In my opinion the English lessons were pretty tough compared to our school lessons at home. However, it didn´t bother me at all because at the end of the day we all got to benefit from it.”
(Raluca Lazaroiu, 4AK)
“The school building was fantastic, it had a lot of windows and it was very inviting and clean. We had two different teachers: Bill and Maggie. Especially Maggie was a very good teacher. We did lots of different activities, for example solving riddles in groups and holding presentations about topics we chose.”
(Cemile Kayan, 4AK)
The Host Families
“After a long day of travelling by plane and bus we were quite nervous about meeting our host families. Mary, our host mum, decided that our day hadn´t been exciting enough and took us to the coast, where we had a beautiful view over the Atlantic. We only had a little break to settle in our room before Mary already called for dinner.”
(Julia Mühl, 4AK)
“Our host family lived outside the city centre, in a suburb called “Clybaun”. The house was quite big as the host mother and her daughter as well as five guests lived there. There were certain rules we had to obey, like showering in the evenings only and keeping the noise down after 9 p.m. We got breakfast and dinner, but they also gave us packed lunch for school. All in all we had an enjoyable stay because our host mother was very kind.”
(Timo Steyer, 4AK)
Ireland in General
“Ireland is a beautiful country with a unique culture. Irish people seem to be addicted to sports and they watch TV 24/7. They are really friendly. I noticed that they always shake your hand when you enter their house.”
(Jeremy Feist, 4AK)
“I really enjoyed the time that we spent together as a class the most, because even though we have been in one class for a couple years now, it was a nice opportunity to get to know one another on a deeper level. It was an amazing trip and we all enjoyed Galway and the activities very much.”
(Raluca Lazaroiu, 4AK)
“The people who live in Ireland are generally very friendly. They love their country, but especially their beer, as most Irish people seem to like to go to pubs. Gaelic football and hurling are popular Irish sports.”
(Raphael Drtina, 4AK)