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A Trip to the Airport
On a very cold Thursday morning in March, the students of 2BS and 3AS met at the train station Rennweg to travel to the airport. Even though flying away would also have been an amazing idea, this was not what happened: We went to the airport to be informed about the comings and goings of such a huge business. In our English-speaking tour we saw many different areas, such as the terminal for privately owned planes, one of the fire stations, planes being defrosted, …
That´s what our students say about the trip to the airport:
“First, we had to go through a security check. After that we entered a bus, whose driver told us many interesting facts about the airport. When the tour was over, we entered a really big room that was divided in four different parts. Here, we watched short films about the life of a pilot and how a suitcase travels to the plane after the check-in. At the end we went to a big platform at the top of the airport, where we watched a lot of planes landing and taking off.”
(Mario Golubits, 3AS)

“It was an interesting trip. I saw and learned things I probably would never have seen or learned when flying privately. I was very surprised when the guide told us how big the airport is. The only thing I didn´t like was that only the bus tour was in English, whereas the rest was in German.”
(Kimberly Posch, 2BS)

“The airport in Schwechat has the tallest tower in Europe, but it is the fourth tallest tower in the world. Austria has an airport within an airport which was made for VIPs such as politicians and celebrities. While we were in the bus there was an airplane by “Austria Alliance” close by. It was probably on its way to the railway, but there was a pilot, who waved at us.”
(Laureen Alcantara, 3AS)

“The thing I liked most was the bus trip around the airport. I also enjoyed the information they gave us about the airport. The four rooms we entered were interesting. I had fun watching the planes landing and taking off.”
(Tunay Köse, 2BS)

“The trip to the airport was very interesting and a lot of fun. I liked best when our bus went next to the planes. The trip was extremely informative and we could learn a lot.”
(Alexander Antic, 3AS)