Englandreise 2017/18 - 4E in Moorland Hall

This year the 4E  went on a journey to Moorland Hall in Devon. On Wednesday the 13th we arrived at London Heathrow. There we met Jo Farrington who is Moorland Hall’s owner and was our guide in London. We went to the British Museum by the Tube. It was amazing to see all of these old artefacts that originated from 1000-year-old cultures. Next we went to Camden Market, where we had the opportunity to eat a snack and go shopping. After that we took a ride on the London Eye. We were all breathless when we saw London from above. It was simply amazing. In the evening we had dinner in Chinatown and then we went to our youth hostel. On Thursday we went to Trafalgar Square where we saw lots of interesting monuments. After Carnaby Street and Devon Market, which are beautiful places, we drove to Moorland Hall in Devon. We had many wonderful experiences there, like hiking and climbing, and we did lots of other amazing things. Beside going on excursions we could also improve our English language through daily English lessons and practice. On some days we also made some very cool trips to the coast and to some small towns. It was a great time and we were all very happy.

Katharina Konrader