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4E's trip to Moorland Hall, England


In September 2013 the EU class went on a 10 day trip to England. We could feel the excitement among our peers a few days before the journey. Everyone was chatting about it cheerfully and looking forward to the adventure.

When it was finally time to leave, we had to get up before dawn and set out for the airport. So we looked like zombies when we scattered through the empty halls.

But all that was  forgotten when we arrived at Heathrow.  Our flight was on time and so we arrived in London at about 9 o’clock and had a full day for sightseeing. We were amazed by the city and the vibes. By the end of the day we were so exhausted that we could barely recall anything but amongst many other attractions we remember a ride on the London Eye, a boat trip on the famous River Thames, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and our strolls through the fascinating city.

After two great days in London we were taken to Moorland Hall, a beautiful house in the county of Devon, where we would spend the remaining days of our trip. The highlights of our stay there were our English lessons, in which we not only improved our language skills but also learned a lot about British culture, and the outdoor activities, which ranged from mountain biking and canoeing to bonfires and twister.

On some days we went on trips to different locations in the neighbourhood. We went to Plymouth, the beach and explored Dartmoor. We tried famous British dishes such as fish and chips and had cream tea with scones.

Apart from these experiences we also benefitted socially as we got to know each other much better.

We’ll never forget this incredible trip!

Anja Kulesza & Sophie Krentzel, 4E