Throwing Myself Into This Viennese Adventure

The past three weeks at Sacré Coeur Wien have been the most unforgettable experience. On the first day of school everyone welcomed me and was so friendly. I felt that I was already a part of their Sacred Heart family. As the weeks went on I got to do some really cool things. Some of the things I did I even got to do with the girls from New Orleans because they were here while I was here!

We took a tour around Vienna, visited the Sisi museum, explored Schönbrunn, got to see all of the famous paintings in the Belvedere, and even got to have a class where we could try to learn a few words and short sentences in German! These sites were so different from anything I have ever seen in Washington D.C. Because first, there are no palaces in DC and second, all of the buildings are so much older and the architecture is a lot more intricate than anything in DC. Ines and her family also decided to take Alexandra, the girl from New Orleans staying with Ines at the same time I was, and me to Salzburg. We were going to have a bike tour for the Sound of Music but it was so cold and started to pour as we were biking. Surprisingly this turned out to be so much fun and something I will never forget! The next day, we drove into Munich where we did a bus tour around the city. It was so cool to be in one country and then drive 4 hours and be in a completely different one. If I drove four hours back home the farthest I could get is to New York or North Carolina.
Another thing that I ended up really enjoying here was the food! I was a little weary at first because I can be a bit of a picky eater but I loved all of the traditional foods that I got the chance to eat. My favorite out of all them was definitely Schnitzel.

I of course am going to miss all the people I had a chance to meet and become friends with, but I am also going to really miss all of the public transportation. It is so easy to get from place to place because you can take the train, metro, tram, or bus. In D.C. we do have a metro but it doesn't stop everywhere and it is not nearly as easy to navigate. During my time here I really have made amazing friends that I will stay in touch with and hopefully see again if they ever come my way or I come back to Vienna!

I want to thank the school for being so warm and welcoming while I used Sacré Coeur Wien as my home away from home for the past three weeks. I had the best experience and I am going to miss Vienna and all of the people so much! I hope I will have the chance to come back in the near future!
McKinley Polla, Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, Washington, DC.