First Snow Experience in Vienna
We arrived in Vienna after a 17-hour-flight. We decided to come here to find out more about this lovely city and to learn more about a different culture on the other side of the world.

In these 3 weeks we had so much fun exploring new things that we’ve never experienced back home. Most of us had our first snow when we were here, and also went skating and to a ball for the first time. Skating was real fun for us although we fell down so many times. After Bonbonball we actually felt that our Taiwanese culture is very conservative, so we tried to be more outgoing in order to have more fun at the ball, also at parties or other activities. We visited lots of museums, art galleries and went to the opera – Sweeney Todd. It was very interesting and awesome, but it was a pity that we didn’t understand any of the German words.

We love Austria for its atmosphere and beautiful buildings which make Vienna an artistic city, and the fantastic ball. It is amazing that we and our host families became just like real families in less than two weeks. And of course, precious experiences and friendships are also the most important memories for us to bring back.

It was very nice to live a different life style with you. Thank you so much for having us here, we had an absolutely wonderful time.

Ying-Chu Chen, Sacred Heart Taipei, Taiwan